Episode 02
Episode 02
Name There Sure Is a "The Battle Between God and Girl Now Begins!" Feeling ♥
Original これぞまさに『神と少女の戦いが今、始まる 』って感じネ ♥
Romaji Kore zo Masani "Kami to Shōjo no Tatakai ga Ima, Hajimaru..." tte Kanji ne ♥
Release July 11, 2012
Running Time 25 Minutes
Preceded Episode 01
Followed Episode 03

There Sure Is a "The Battle Between God and Girl Now Begins!" Feeling ♥ (これぞまさに『神と少女の戦いが今、始まる 』って感じネ ♥) is the second episode of the Binbougami ga Animation. It was aired on the 11th July, 2012.

Short SummaryEdit

In order to get closer to Ichiko, Momiji transfers into her class, much to Ichiko's displeasure. As Momiji continues to bother her, Ichiko meets Bobby, a perverted traveling priest with the ability to detect fortune energy, giving her an item called the Soumin Shourai, allowing her to manifest her good fortune into various creatures. Momiji responds by manifesting her own monsters out of her misfortune, but they turn out to be useless and she is soundly beaten.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Bobby arrives to Butsumetsu City, and Momiji transfers to Ichiko's school. Momiji then gives her introduction until the teacher stops her from making things too crude. When Momiji returns to her seat, she exchanges words with Sakura before they start insulting each other on their bust sizes. During school, Momiji tries to make Ichiko's life a living hell as well as making her tarnish her reputation.
On her way home, Ichiko stomps on Bobby for being perverted. When she goes home, she finds Momiji living in her closet. Then, Ichiko finds Bobby sniffing her undergarments. Bobby assists Ichiko in getting rid of Momiji by giving her the Soumin Shourai. Ichiko engages Momiji in battle. As she is cornered, Momiji summons the undead, yet her undead soldiers don't follow her orders. Despite Ichiko defeating Momij, Momiji returns to see Ichiko's apartment with the zombies, Bobby, and the animals hanging out and making a mess of things.



  • Dragon Ball Z - Momiji dresses as Goku while Kumagai dresses up as Bubbles. The two are on King Kai's Planet.
  • Rosario X Vampire - When referencing a newspaper club, Momiji wears Moka Akashiya's uniform with pink hair.
  • Doraemon - The blue censored cat which Ichiko thought of is Doraemon.

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