Episode 06
Episode 06
Name Open Your EYES!!!!
Original 目を開けろぉぉぉぉ!!!!
Romaji Me o Akerooooo!!!!
Release August 08, 2012
Running Time 25 Minutes
Preceded Episode 05
Followed Episode 07

Open Your EYES!!!! (目を開けろぉぉぉぉ!!!!) is the sixth episode of the Binbougami ga Animation. It was aired on the 08th August, 2012.

Short SummaryEdit

Ichiko manages to escape from Momiji only to learn that Keita had gone missing trying to search for her. Realising that Keita had all the things she lacked when she was a child, Ichiko enlists the help of Momou to locate Keita, finding him in a near-death state. As Ichiko tries to revive him, Momiji extracts a small amount of Ichiko's fortune energy so she can save him. Keita awakens the next day with his injuries healed and reunites with his family. As Bobby and Momou manage to locate Urushiyama and retrieve a box from him, Ichiko says goodbye to Keita before meeting up with them and returning to her normal age. However, the experience has left her in a solemn state, only appearing to react to Keita's presence. This turns out to be as she wants to try and return the handkerchief he received from him. After managing to return the handkerchief, she returns to her usual noisy self.

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  • Dragon Ball Z - Ichiko blasts Bobby in the same fashion as how Vegeta blasts Nappa.
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventures - When Ichiko dresses up as Josuke Higashikata.

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