Having been raised by Suwano in lieu of her perpetually absent parents, Ichiko developed a deep affection for her loyal guardian that surpassed that of what she felt towards her mother and father.
She grew up in a sheltered environment and was originally a shy and lonely child until a girl named Kurumi befriended her. The two quickly became best friends, but things changed for her one fateful Valentines' Day in grade school. Before exchanging chocolates, Kurumi asked her to whom she was giving hers to. Ichiko planned on presenting hers to Yuusuke, who was supposedly the nicest boy in their school, but the situation escalated when Kurumi mentioned that she also liked Yuusuke. On Valentines' Day, Yuusuke gave his chocolate and a special gift to Ichiko, showing that he returned her feelings. Annoyed by this sudden turn of events, Kurumi instead demanded the beret from her friend. When Ichiko refused to hand it over, Kurumi threatened to confess to Yuusuke about her true feelings.
Although Ichiko finally gave up her gift to preserve their friendship, Kurumi still confessed to Yuusuke. He admitted to liking Ichiko, but Kurumi lied and told him that Ichiko gave the gift to her because she did not care about his affections, causing him to coldly ignore Ichiko out of scorn. Having overhead Kurumi talking about the lie behind her back, Ichiko ran home with a broken heart and scars of betrayal, her only source of comfort being that of her butler, Suwano. The next day, Kurumi apologized to Ichiko and returned the gift, but Ichiko refused to forgive her. These events caused Ichiko to develop a jaded view towards other people in order to protect herself and avoid being betrayed again.
Despite her rather unfortunate emotional issues, Ichiko was born blessed with a large amount of fortune energy, granting her beauty, brains, and good health in addition to her family's impressive wealth. Over the years she gained many male admirers while being disliked by other girls, but she largely distanced herself from everyone, and thought little of making friends.


The story begins when Ichiko is approached by the Misfortune God, Momiji Binboda, who was sent from the heavens in order to neutralize her abundance of happiness energy.

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