Keita Tsuwabuki (石蕗 恵汰)
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Name Keita Tsuwabuki (石蕗 恵汰)
Gender Male
Height 180 cm (5'11")
Weight 72 kg (159 lb)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Voice Actor Kōki Uchiyama (Japanese)
Clifford Chapin(English)
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student, Multiple Jobs
Relatives Rika Tsuwabuki (Sister)
Ryuuta Tsuwabuki (Brother)
Mika Tsuwabuki (Sister)
Sorata Tsuwabuki (Brother)
First (Manga) Chapter 02
First (Anime) Episode 03

Keita Tsuwabuki (石蕗 恵汰 Tsuwabuki Keita) is a classmate of Ichiko and her secret crush.


Keita has dirty blonde hair and reddish brown eyes. He wears a uniform which is black in colour and white for the buttons. When his uniform is unbuttoned, he has a shirt in to be shown.


Keita is a good looking young man, and one of Ichiko's classmates. He works many part-time jobs in order to provide for his four siblings, this is also the cause of him sleeping through class; he serves as his siblings' guardian in the absence of his parents. Generally seen as the most serious of the cast, he will however take a keen interest in opportunities to make some money to provide for his family. It is later revealed, that he actually was extremely popular with girls, but due to the feelings and possessiveness Nadeshiko had towards him, Keita has never heard anything from other girls, as she uses various ways to prevent other girls from approaching Keita.


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  • Ichiko Sakura - Initially, she and Keita had a strained relationship. At first, Ichiko offends Keita's family about how money solves everything. She throws money at the table, so Keita takes the money and throws it at Ichiko. Keita tells her that he does not want to depend on anyone. Later, Ichiko helps Keita by rescuing Ryuuta from the river. Keita is grateful and indebted to Ichiko. After the Michiko incident, Keita never knows that Michiko is actually Ichiko even though she returned the handkerchief. In the aftermath of both incidents, they form a friendship, which is often riddled with awkward romantic tension between them.


  • Keita likes Ichiko more than Ranmaru and Nadeshiko, even though Ranmaru is madly in love with him.


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