Kikunoshin Suwano (諏訪野 菊之進)
Name Kikunoshin Suwano (諏訪野 菊之進)
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Brown
Voice Actor Hiroshi Naka (Japanese)
Kent Williams (English)
Personal Status
Occupation Butler (Retired)
Relatives Sumire Suwano (Wife)
First (Anime) Episode 01

Kikunoshin Suwano (諏訪野 菊之進 Suwano Kikunoshin) is Ichiko's former butler, who took care of her for years, ever since she was a child. He then gave up being Ichiko's butler when she told him to go start a new life.



Suwano is a kind and caring man as he took care of Ichiko as long as she can remember, he is almost like a father figure to her. He worries constantly about Ichiko due to her bad habits of unable to make friends and was shocked when Ichiko send a letter of making a friend with Ranmaru. But has an overprotective side when Ichiko had visited him with Keita Tsuwabuki along with the youngest Tsuwabuki sibling, Sorata which thus conflicted misunderstandings that Ichiko had a child and Tsuwabuki was her boyfriend. Suwano has a humble side to him also when he thanked Tsuwabuki and Momiji along with Ranmaru and Nadeshiko that were unable to tag along for taking care of Ichiko.



  • Shiori Sakura - He originally served Shiori and her family when they were still wealthy.
  • Suwano Sumire - She is Kikunoshin Suwano's second wife.
  • Ichiko Sakura - Suwano is Ichiko's former butler, who had served as her guardian for a long time and was the first person she truly cared about. After he nearly died as a result of all the fortune she had unconsciously taken from him over the years, Ichiko fires him from his position so he can live out his life in safety.
  • Kazuma Sakura - He was Kazuma's confidant when Ichiko was growing up, especially when he wanted to play with his daughter but never had the free time and didn't know how to console her when she was crying about feeling unloved by her father.


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