Kurumi (くるみ)
Name Kurumi (くるみ)
Gender Female
Birthday May 14th
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Brown
Voice Actor Rie Kugimiya (Japanese)
Jād Saxton (English)
Personal Status
Occupation Student
First (Manga) Chapter 12
First (Anime) Episode 08
Last (Manga) Chapter 12
Last (Anime) Episode 08

Kurumi (くるみ Kurumi) is a former and first friend of Ichiko, who backstabbed her, because of liking the same boy.


Kurumi has long purple hair and brown eyes.


Kurumi first appeared to be a kind and caring girl, when joining Ichiko's group and scolding the other girls for their attitude towards Ichiko. She became Ichiko's best friend and as time passed by, seeing that both, her and Ichiko, liked the same boy - and that boy liked Ichiko - Kurumi immediately became infuriated and jealous of Ichiko, using her to get the boy she liked.



  • Ichiko Sakura- Kurumi is the sole reason for Ichiko twisted personality and the cause of why Ichiko is afraid to become close to people, as she was used by Kurumi to get the boy they both liked, when they were children.



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