Momou Inugami (犬神 桃央)
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Name Momou Inugami (犬神 桃央)
Gender Male
Height 177 cm (5'10")
Weight 72 kg (159 lb)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue (right), Green (left)
Voice Actor Hiro Shimono (Japanese)
Todd Haberkorn (English)
Personal Status
Occupation Momiji's Accomplice / Servant
First (Manga) Chapter 04
First (Anime) Episode 04

Momou Inugami (犬神 桃央 Inugami Momoo) is a masochistic dog god, who transforms between his human and dog forms when he feels extreme pleasure.


Momou has two forms: a human form and a dog form. When in dog form, he changes into a small white dog similar to a chihuahua. In his human form, he has dark brown hair and wears a white tanktop and black jeans with a drawn belt. In both his human and dog forms, he wears a red bandana as a neckerchief and has heterochromatic, or differently colored, eyes; his right eye is blue and left eye is green. He also wears a red bandana round his neck.


Momou is a masochistic dog god that Momiji usually summons. He has sharp senses of smell and hearing, and is capable of transforming into a chihuahua, though he is forced back into human form if he experiences too much pleasure, masochistic or otherwise. For example, when Ichiko tickles Momou in the bath, he accidentally changes back into human form. Due to his masochistic nature, Momou can withstand excruciating pain. Even when Ichiko beats him with a bathtub, he begs her to keep going.



  • Momiji Binboda - He calls Momiji "chan" and looks forward to her beatings. He follows her orders like a dog.
  • Ichiko Sakura - At first, Momou planed to steal her fortune, but he is confused by her gentle side. He ends up helping Ichiko, and when she reveals her vicious side, Momou begins to crave attention. He begs her to beat him more and calls her "sama."
  • Ranmaru Rindou - Momou and Ranmaru are very good friends, this is especially proven in the final chapter of the manga when Ranmaru breaks down in tears when Momou comes to say goodbye for the final time. After the timeskip, Ranmaru is shown wearing Momou's scarf in her hair, possibly as a reminder of their friendship.



I'm looking for a guy?

Fuck my life!

Misfortune GadgetsEdit

  • Gabriel 2012 - Momou equips these chompers to take a bite out of Ichiko's fortune.
  • Stick Voodoo Mini Version - Momou uses the voodoo doll to spread bad luck once he pulls out the nails.


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