Nadeshiko Adenokouji (艶光路 撫子)
Nadeshiko Icon
Name Nadeshiko Adenokouji (艶光路 撫子)
Gender Female
Height 145cm
Weight 36kg
B-W-H 71-52-72
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Brown
Voice Actor Sayaka Kanda (Japanese)
Michelle Lee (English)
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student
Last (Anime) Episode 13

Nadeshiko Adenokouji (艶光路 撫子 Adenokōji Nadeshiko)


Nadeshiko is a short girl with child like features. Born in a wealthy family, she wears a sophisticated black and white attire laced with yellow. Her hair is a red-violet and curly held by rabbit clips, though the clips differ from time to time. She has round brown eyes.


Introduced late in the manga series, Nadeshiko is a short child like ninja who prides herself as a girl of superior upbringing. She is skilled in her ninjitsu art form in that she was able to lay traps and hiding places around Ichiko's house much to her and Momiji's chagrin. She is in love with Keita, having been saved by him once when they were kids, and has been stalking him since, which is why she self-taught herself ninja skills and she is also the reason why other girls cannot get close to Keita.



  • Daimon Shinobu -



  • In the anime, she shows up at the end of each episode to point out her cameo appearances.

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